Madison knocks out the competition

Last weekend a champion was born in form of Madison ‘The Squirrel’ Birrell after her victorious fight at the White Collar Boxing event held at The Royal Horticultural Showground.

A stunning event in support of two local charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust and Wetwheels, attended by a 600 strong crowd with 12 bouts of boxing scheduled for the evening. Madison was to be bout three. Pitched against the Blonde Assassin, Linda, a 32 year old Latvian with a significant reach and height advantage meant she was always going to have her work cut out. Her game plan was simple, stay on the front foot, keep her hands up, get inside her opponent’s guard and alternate the punches between body and head.

Madison executed her game plan to perfection from the opening bell. During the first round she managed to keep a level head and a steady pace whilst displaying a tight guard and an employing an impressive array of punching combinations. She was boxing, not brawling and Linda was clearly uncomfortable. The second round was much the same with Madison stepping up the pressure forcing Linda onto the ropes, again and again, almost spinning her with a couple of brutal right hooks to the head after bringing her guard down with some punishing body shots. Linda had some short lived success with her long jab but wasn’t give the time to follow her jab with any telling combinations as Madison continued to close the gap between them and tie Linda’s arms up.

Madison had edged the first round and was a clear winner of the second, so barring a disaster in the third, this was Madison’s fight. She did not disappoint, coming out full of confidence and continuing to force the pace whilst frustrating and pinning poor Linda against the ropes time and again. Both girls were blowing, the pace of the second and first half of the third round now taking its toll. The last minute was close with both girls giving everything. As the bell rang out for the end of the third round, the result was beyond any doubt Madison was a champion.