Will Trusts and Executorships

Estate and succession planning.

Alex Picot Trust has been the trusted advisor to individuals for many decades, assisting them with their estate and succession planning as stand-alone services or in addition to trust and company services.

Executor services

Naturally we are involved in the estate and succession planning for our clients and in many cases this does extend to providing them with executor services.

Included in our service are the following:

  • Safeguarding the assets comprising the estate
  • Liaising with third parties (e.g. banks and investment managers)
  • Settling outstanding bills and tax liabilities
  • Sale or disposal of personal affects
  • Distribution of legacies

Lasting Powers of Attorney - property and financial affairs

During your lifetime, should you become incapable of managing your property and financial affairs due to either an old-age related condition or an accident or stroke, your appointed person (Attorney) would take over and carry out your pre-agreed wishes.

Many of our clients choose us to oversee their property and financial affairs ensuring a professional and seamless approach while their elected family member or friend will manage the decisions around their health and personal matters.

Please note that Alex Picot Trust will not provide the service of a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney to clients, it only provides an LPA in respect of Property and Financial Affairs.

Will Trusts

A Will Trust can be formed at any time during an individual’s lifetime and will sit dormant until their death when the assets of their estate are placed into it.

The benefits of a Will Trust include:

  • A trust does not need to be passed through probate as the assets are not part of the deceased estate, and assets can be distributed quickly, saving you time and money.
  • A Will in Jersey becomes a public document when it is admitted to probate. If confidentiality is important to you, a way of avoiding the contents of your will(s) becoming public knowledge, your Will would state that you leave everything to the trustees of a trust established in your lifetime.
  • Where Alex Picot Trust set up the Will Trust, they will be appointed as trustee and so are very familiar with the client’s wishes for the purpose and use of the trust once it is active.

Please note that Alex Picot Trust does not provide Will writing services.

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