High Value Residency. Business relocations.

When the preferential income tax is combined with no Capital Gains or Inheritance tax and a Goods and Services tax of 5%, Jersey is a very attractive proposition.

Jersey is also conveniently located with excellent flight connections into the UK and Europe, has a solid reputation as an offshore finance centre; stringently regulated and respected globally.

We have a very good relationship with the tax authorities in Jersey along with the relevant government organisations which allows us to efficiently carry out the application process to move to Jersey as a high value resident or on a business license.

Jersey offers the potential of an unrivalled quality of life coupled with some of the lowest direct taxes in Europe. Jersey’s personal tax rate is a maximum of 20%.

For high net worth individuals there is a preferential tax system available, the High-Value-Residents regime:

0 %

tax on the first £1,250,000 of income

0 %

on all income over £1,250,000

0 %

on income derived from Jersey land and property

£ 0 k

minimum annual personal income tax contribution 

Business relocation

Considering a move to Jersey as a high value resident or bringing your business to Jersey?

Locate Jersey is the government organisation responsible for inward investment and developing High Value Residency for Jersey and can answer your initial questions.

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