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When you work hard all your life to ensure a comfortable retirement and legacy for your family after you’re gone, you want your effort to be worthwhile.

A Will is often the standard go-to approach when it comes to where your assets go, but a family trust can ensure that your wishes are followed as closely as possible.

Alex Picot Trust has been providing trust administration services for over 90 years, helping individuals and their families to preserve and enhance their wealth for future generations.

What are the advantages of a Trust?

A useful protection in circumstances such as divorce; estranged children; or spend-thrift family members

Protection from UK inheritance tax of 40% for future generations

The terms of the trust can remain confidential

You can provide guidance to the Trustees as to how the trust is managed or distributed

Legal and beneficial ownership remains separate in a Jersey trust safeguarding your anonymity

No Jersey Tax filing requirement for trusts with beneficiaries outside of Jersey

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