Mastering Wealth Preservation: The art of estate and succession planning

Hannah Roynon-Jones has provided an insightful article for Arts & Collections website exploring the options available to HNWIs who wish to take practical steps in protecting valuable collectibles and assets for future generations.

We are pleased to provide some highlights from the editorial here:


Securing Legacies, Empowering Futures.

While a traditional Will is often the standard go-to approach for estate planning, a family trust is comforting in that it can be setup and established now, in your lifetime, in accordance with your wishes.

Trusts are highly flexible legal instruments that can be customized in terms of who is to benefit and enjoy the assets held. An individual can provide the trustees with different scenarios and what they would like doing with the assets in each. You choose who will inherit and that inheritance effectively “goes live” in your lifetime when you name who the beneficiary of the trust are to be.


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The complexities of international wealth preservation for families should be handled with sensitivity, independence and professionalism.