10K PER DAY: Increasing activity and raising funds

Encouraging our staff to keep active while the days get shorter is a fantastic opportunity to encourage health and wellbeing, while also raising funds for a Jersey charity.

The annual Alex Picot Trust staff challenge is taking place in November with a 10K-per-day steps challenge.

Split into 6 teams, each headed up by a director, our staff will be going head-to-head to clock up the most steps and boost the funds raised for our chosen charity.

We are proud to be supporting Jersey Stroke Support and every 10,000 steps tracked during the 30-day challenge will be matched with a donation.

Jersey Stroke Support is a local charity supporting stroke survivors and their families by providing post-stroke reviews and raising awareness about stroke in the community. As a Jersey charity, what’s raised here, stays here.

One key message promoted by the charity is spotting a STROKE early: