Balancing the here and now, with preserving family wealth for future generations

Securing family wealth for future generations has been at the heart of the services provided by Alex Picot Trust for over 90 years.

Uniquely for the majority of that time, one family has stayed with us across generations and we are very proud that our business has developed and moved forward to meet their changing needs.

From considering the wealth succession objectives of the family and supporting them as the wealth is handed down, we have also been witness to how families identify the core-values and traditions they hold dear and which they endeavour to keep alive.

We take a look at how our family-centric services have evolved and the nuances of the ‘Family Office’ structure.

Each ‘family office’ will take on a unique form, yet the overall aims tend to be driven by the same desires:

A simple yet fundamental benefit of engaging Alex Picot Trust to provide services to a Family Office is the ability to provide a healthy and professionally objective approach to all matters affecting the family’s affairs, avoiding unnecessary emotional conflict between family members, allowing the family to focus on growing their business and/or wealth.

Our team is experienced in providing family office services, which include:

  • Estate and succession planning;
  • Trustee and director services;
  • Family advisory;
  • Consolidated reporting;
  • Lifestyle management services.

We’re proud of our rich Jersey heritage dating back to 1885 and the fact we have looked after many generations of some families is evidence of our ongoing commitment to upholding our traditional values to delivering a truly personal service.

Alex Picot Trust was born out of a long-running family firm of Chartered Accountants, established in 1885. We have provided trust services since the early 1930s and we believe that makes us one of the longest-established trust service providers operating in Jersey. 

A recent and successful succession of ownership to the current client directors has ensured we are well positioned for the years ahead, with clients set to benefit from a stable and consistent leadership team.

We are a Director-lead and owned business, so clients know they’re in safe hands with our experienced directors who they come to know very well.

Our directors are supported by a team of qualified and experienced administrators, who also take the time to get to know the needs and requirements of each client.

Every family is different, so whilst asset classes and jurisdictions may be familiar, there is no blue print for managing families’ affairs.

We pride ourselves on really getting to know the family over the years, ensuring that we are well informed to make reasoned, fair and effective decisions.

We consciously maintain a fair fee structure that is transparent (published on our website) and proactively communicate with clients, to ensure there are no surprises when a client receives their bill.

For over 8 decades, the affairs of one family have been managed by the team here at Alex Picot Trust.

We believe that their ‘family office’ is one of the oldest established in Jersey and we are extremely proud that it continues under the administration of our team.

A key differentiator for us is the value we place on building real client relationships, across multiple generations.

As families’ wealth grows and assets diversify, with multi-generational tiers across various jurisdictions, working alongside a centralised trusted advisor, such as Alex Picot Trust, provides comfort and certainty to families.

Personal service and traditional values are at the heart of our client relationships and we often hear that above all else, our clients truly value the personal touch.