After dedicating herself to the care of small children for the first 12 years of her working life, Rose Booth decided that the time was right to switch direction from childcare and move into an office-based job.

With friends already established in finance industry roles, Rose had seen the advantages of choosing a career in trust administration and while she was somewhat daunted by the prospect of the change ahead, she made the leap and joined Alex Picot Trust in 2023.

We caught up with Rose just after she had passed her probation period to find out how her new career path was working out and what is next for her as an Assistant Trust Officer.

Q: Prior to joining Alex Picot Trust you worked in childcare, tell us what motivated you to switch career paths?

I had worked in childcare since I was 16, both in a nursery environment where I worked my way up to Team Leader level and for a private family as sole-charge for two young children. 

I loved working with children for many reasons and it was extremely rewarding.

Switching direction was something I had been thinking about for a while, but I was comfortable in childcare so carried on a bit longer with the private family.  When circumstances for the family changed, I felt it was the best time to take the plunge and learn something new in a role that could set me up for the future.

Q: What was it about trust administration at Alex Picot Trust that appealed?

Going into something completely new was very daunting but Alex Picot Trust offered roles for complete beginners which gave me the confidence to apply.

The hours of an office job appealed to me after coming from roles where working 10 hour shifts in the nursery were commonplace and in addition, the overall package was attractive.  In the corporate environment training is supported and formal employee benefits such as a pension would eventually become accessible to me for the first time.

Above all else I wanted a place where I could progress and it seemed that Alex Picot Trust offered that opportunity.

Q: How did you prepare for the interview?

I did my research online and spoke to friends but most importantly I was honest in my interview.  They knew that I was completely new to this but still pulled on my past experience in my childcare role and identified transferrable skills I could use in this role.

Q: What were your first impressions?

From the interview I knew that I could expect a welcoming culture.  My first impressions were great, everyone was so welcoming. My team are lovely, I felt comfortable asking questions and everyone on other teams introduced themselves to me.

I like Alex Picot Trust’s director-led approach as it’s run by directors that you see everyday which makes you feel part of the bigger team.  

Q: What have you learnt about yourself since joining us?

I’ve learnt that organisation is key to this role and that my organisation skills have definitely improved; even though I classed myself as pretty organised before this job!

Coming from childcare it was nice to experience working somewhere with set hours and where our personal time is respected.  It’s very nice to have a work/life balance at last!

Although everything is new to me, so I am learning something new every day, I still feel like this is a job where you will constantly be learning which keeps it interesting.

The social side is also nice, you get to know everyone on a personal level including the directors, which builds your relationships and give you the confidence when working together.

Q: What about the study element – are you excited to get started?

I am a keen learner and always want to progress in any role I do, so now I have passed probation I have been encouraged to start the STEP examinations.

There’s no pressure to do this, but I know it will help me in my day-to-day role to understand more about how trusts work as well as linking my practise to my studying with what I have already managed to learn in the 3 months.  I’m really looking forward to studying and building my career over the coming years.

The culture of the office surprised me the most.  I am not entirely sure what I expected but maybe something a bit more formal, instead it’s a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and I felt really comfortable from day one. I feel very valued at Alex Picot Trust.

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