Knowing HNWIs and UHNWIs

We were pleased to contribute to an editorial piece in the STEP Journal which took into consideration the significant changes to the wealth management strategies taken by high-net-worth-individuals in 2023.

For over 91 years we have worked closely with high-net-worth-individuals and their families, supporting them in securing their wealth for future generations. Over this time, we have built firm relationships with their wider families across generations and jurisdictional borders.

This experience and the knowledge we have gained, coupled with the profile of our current client base, positions us to provide insightful commentary into how HNWIs and wealthy families are facing up to global issues in 2023.

Steve Gully, director at Alex Picot Trust, was one of a number of Jersey trust professionals invited to provide insights into this hot topic for an editorial piece.

Commenting on how HNWIs are adapting their wealth management strategies amid intersecting global crises, Steve’s inclusion in an article published by Jersey Finance for the STEP publication ‘Trust Jersey’ illustrates his deep understanding of the needs of our private clients.

To read this publication in full PLEASE CLICK HERE.

HNWIs have started to take a much closer look at overarching wealth preservation structures such as wills, trusts and foundations. When it comes to trusts this includes ensuring you have the right person acting as protector of the trust and that there are succession plans in place for them.