Liberation 75 – Supporting Jersey Heritage

Alex Picot Trust has partnered with Jersey Heritage to support a meaningful, Liberation 75 exhibition at The Jersey Museum & Art Gallery, Weighbridge Place, Jersey.

The exhibition aims to ‘bring-to-life’ the events of Liberation Day in 1945, through the memories of Islanders who experienced liberation at first hand.  For more details about the exhibition, please visit the Jersey Heritage website HERE.

Alex Picot Trust has been a part of the Jersey community for over 135 years and our rich local heritage is something we are extremely proud of to this day. 

During the German occupation of Jersey during World War II, never one to accept defeat, Alexander E Picot decided to brave it out and keep the firm afloat.  

Andrew Le Cheminant, Director of Alex Picot Trust, explained that the company is supporting the exhibition in memory of Alexander E Picot and his loyal team.  He said:

“In May this year, it was hugely significant that despite the lockdown rules in Jersey, Islanders joined together in any way they could to mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey. Houses and public spaces, decorated with bunting and banners, reminded us of this important anniversary and it was a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to take time away from the burden of the Covid-19 crisis and celebrate the freedoms that Liberation Day brought to Jersey.

“As a longstanding Jersey company, Alex Picot Trust is extremely proud to be involved in this enormously important Liberation 75 exhibition. It aims to evoke the feelings of a generation of Islanders who, 75 years ago, experienced the true sense of the word ‘freedom’ and is a reminder to us all of the progress Islanders made after the War. We are delighted that the team at Jersey Heritage has been able to bring to life the stories of Liberation Day despite the setbacks faced earlier this year.”

To read more about Alexander E Picot and his Occupation story, please CLICK HERE.