Alex Picot Trust: The oldest Jersey ‘family office’?

For over 8 decades, the affairs of one Jersey family have been managed by the team here at Alex Picot Trust.

We believe that their ‘family office’ is one of the oldest established in Jersey and we are extremely proud that it continues under the administration of our team.

This particular family have stayed with us across three generations and while some of our team may have changed over that time, the director involved today began his career with us in the 1980s and has grown to become a close adviser to the family.

Personal service and traditional values are at the heart of our client relationships and we often hear that above all else, our clients appreciate receiving the same level of care and attention today that their family has become accustomed to over the years. 

Today, they continue to deliver the same personal service they did more than 80 years ago.

So what does a ‘family office’ structure look like and how does it work? 

Each ‘family office’ will take on a unique form, yet the overall aims will be along the same lines:

  • wealth preservation;
  • asset protection;
  • philanthropy; and
  • privacy.

Each family is seeking support for the personal and business affairs of the wider family, regardless of where they live they expect a seamless service.

Families choose this route to manage their affairs for the simple reason that a trust company can provide an objective approach to discussions, allowing the family to focus on growing their business and/or wealth.

Our team is experienced in providing family office services, which include:

  • Estate and succession planning;
  • Family advisory;
  • Coordination and consolidated reporting of assets;
  • Trustee and director services; and
  • Lifestyle management services.

We’re proud of our rich Jersey heritage dating back to 1885 and the fact we have looked after many generations of some families is evidence of our ongoing commitment to upholding our traditional values to deliver a truly personal service.

The Alex Picot Trust difference

Local roots – Our trust company was born out of a long-running family firm of Chartered Accountants, established in 1885 and continuing throughout the Occupation of Jersey. 

Director-lead – Clients know they’re in safe hands with our directors who they come to know well.

Personal service -When a client entrusts us with their offshore trust, company or formation requirements they embark on a personal relationship. Our directors are supported by a team of qualified and experienced administrators who also take the time to get to know the needs and requirements of each client.

Partnership – We aim to ensure that we fully understand our clients’ future plans so that we can work together to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Experienced – Alex Picot Trust has provided trust services since the early 1930s and we believe that makes us one of the longest-established trust service providers still in existence in Jersey. 

Independent – We are independent and wholly owned by the local directors.

Long-serving team – We boast an average of 24 years service among our senior team. Familiarity and trust can be built up between our team and the clients.

Fair fees – We consciously maintain a fair fee structure that is transparent so there are no surprises when a client receives their bill.

Why Jersey?

Jersey is increasingly becoming the preferred location for family offices.  

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To find out how we can help you establish and manage your ‘family office’ please contact Chris Cotillard, Director.