First impressions from a student intern

Hector Roynon-Brown is an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, he lives in Edinburgh and has strong links to Jersey through his family who live and work here. In June 2022, Hector was invited to join us for a two-week work experience placement.

During his time at Alex Picot Trust, Hector was given a variety of tasks to assist our teams and pick up work where additional support was needed. He was considered to be a valuable asset and his contribution was greatly appreciated.

At the end of the two weeks we asked him to provide us with his first impressions and he very kindly gave us some genuine insight into working at Alex Picot Trust.

Hector said:

I walked into the brand-new Alex Picot Trust office on the Esplanade, St Helier with no prior experience or knowledge of the trust sector, other than a quick look at the website in the airport on my way to Jersey.

After just two weeks of learning and shadowing I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it means to work for a trust management company outside of the United Kingdom.

In my first hour at the company, I was initially quite overwhelmed by the prospect of working in an office environment, however, that was quickly put to bed by associate director Solange Rebours.

Solange put me at ease by breaking down the company into its different sectors (directors, compliance team, accountants, tax and the support team) in order to explain how all the cogs turn cohesively in order to provide an excellent service to a wide range of clients across the globe.

Integrating into the team was one area that was not going to be too difficult.  I found this out early during my first morning with my first tasks in the Taxation Team, as all my many questions were met with clear and concise answers rather than being dismissed.

The most challenging aspect that I found during my time here was the many technological battles that I encountered with the different industry specific software that the company use.  It was far beyond anything that I had seen before, nevertheless, by the end of the two weeks I felt competent enough to navigate it without having to ask for help.

If there was one thing that I didn’t do during my experience it would be ‘staring at the clock’ – I was kept on my toes from start to finish whether I was aiding the tax team in their completion of the annual FATCA checks or making sure the safe custody data was in order.

All the various jobs that I completed gave me a sense of the importance of the minor details that must be done in such a manner as to stay on the correct side of the stringent regulations that are placed on trust management companies in Jersey.

Work / life balance

Away from the office itself I timed my visit accordingly as it overlapped with the now infamous ‘Alex Picot Trust Summer Pool Party’, which was kindly hosted by director Derek Rhodes. The party itself lay host to a hog roast van which was delicious and lots of fun activities for all to enjoy including tennis, cornhole competitions and a dangerous amount of swimming! 

The relaxed nature of the day reflected the inclusivity and focus on building relationships which is then effused daily within the office and outwardly to the client.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone at Alex Picot Trust for being so welcoming and kind to me during my time here. As I head back to Scotland, I hope that I return to Alex Picot Trust one day not just as an intern.

Work Experience Opportunities

Alex Picot Trust has a long history of welcoming students on internships of varying lengths and we are pleased to offer meaningful work experience for those who are considering a career in trust or accountancy.

For many, their time with us is their first experience in an office environment and we understand the importance of giving a good first impression and welcoming them into the team. We ensure that they are provided with interesting work throughout the placement and that they receive the support they need to get the most out of the experience.

If you’re a student looking for an opportunity in a nurturing environment please get in touch with us.

Please write to:

Solange Rebours, Alex Picot Trust, 6 Esplanade, St. Helier ,Jersey JE1 1BX