TAX UPDATE: Are you aware of the Jersey tax deadlines?

Are you aware of the Jersey tax payment deadlines? We have created a calendar of key dates to enable Jersey resident tax payers to navigate the changes to Jersey personal tax from 2019 onwards.

2020 Year of Assessment

Any balance due for the 2019 year of assessment will be frozen and payments originally made towards the 2019 year of assessment will have been automatically put towards the 2020 year of assessment.

CLICK HERE FOR A PDF of the key dates to be aware of over the coming years in relation to submitting tax returns and making Payments on Account.

N.B. A potential large payment may be due on the 30 November 2021 as the full 2020 balance will be due plus Payment 1 towards 2021 year of assessment.

Content correct as at July 2021 (N.B. the 31st August 2021 deadline is for online filing)

 If you have any questions about your personal Jersey tax please contact our Director Hannah Roynon-Jones.